The Whitney Hotel Boston  is committed to providing a website that can be accessed by all, including users with disabilities.

The Whitney Hotel Boston  strives to maintain compliance with the World Wide Web’s Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA (WCAG 2.0 AA) on our website, and:

  • We have built our website using standard compliant HTML and CSS
  • We have ensured that the website content is structured in a logical manner using informative headings and labels where relevant, and are usable by customers who use assistive technology/screen readers
  • We have provided consistent navigation across the website
  • We have ensured that images have alternative texts and descriptive links

In addition, we offer rooms with accessibility features, which may be booked by calling 866-486-5577

Whitney Hotel On-Site Facilities

  • 100% non-smoking hotel
  • Main entrance is wide enough for wheelchair entry and includes an ADA push button which opens the door automatically
  • The hotel is accessible by wheelchair, there are no steps or inclines 
  • Elevators have access to each floor  
  • Washroom on the first floor is accessible with ample space to move about with a wheelchair 
  • Washroom on the first floor has grab bars behind the toilets 
  • Breakfast attendants can assist with necessary accommodation during breakfast for guests with disabilities
  • All furniture is ADA wheelchair accessible as well as space at the bar itself
  • The lobby includes tables that can be accessed by wheelchair and all furniture is ADA wheelchair accessible

Accessible Room Features:

  • Large doorways and ample space for wheelchair to easily move about
  • Rooms can be adjoining for caregivers
  • Telephones are located next to the bed and reachable
  • Accessible rooms have roll-in showers in the bathroom
  • Showers have seats
  • Shower heads are reachable and can be hand-held
  • Showers have non-slip surfaces
  • There are grab bars in the showers and next to the toilets
  • Bathroom sinks are lowered with ability to fit a wheelchair underneath
  • Visual, flashing fire alarms are equipped in accessible rooms in case of fire
  • In-room telephones have audible signals to indicate messages
  • There is a bed shaker attachment for the fire alarm and alarm clock

Please be aware that WCAG 2.0 AA Guidelines are evolving and our efforts to comply with these guidelines are ongoing. If you would like to report any accessibility issues, please contact us on We will make all reasonable efforts in order to update the page(s) and ensure their accessibility.