Peregrine: More Than Just a Boston Hotel Restaurant

Since opening, The Whitney Hotel’s onsite restaurant in Beacon Hill, Boston has become one of the area’s most sought-after restaurants. Elevated beyond your typical hotel establishment, Peregrine blends fantastic food with inspiring stories and a progressive take on hospitality. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared from scratch, the restaurant takes a quality approach to every level of its operation. 

Here are some of the reasons why Peregrine is more than just a Boston hotel restaurant. 

A Blend of Delicious Cultural Traditions

Peregrine’s menu is inspired by Catalan-Spanish traditions, as well as Italian influences, specifically from Sardinia. Using fresh, simple ingredients, the menu features tapas, pasta, and traditional culinary delicacies from these regions. For example, the breakfast menu includes medialunas, an Argentine pastry similar to a croissant. Also inspired by these regions is the name Peregrine, named in part for the falcon native to these places. The name also means traveler or pilgrim, who we readily welcome at Peregrine.

A Standout Operation

Chef Joshua Lewin and restaurateur Katrina Jazayeri are the owners of Peregrine. This is the second restaurant in their award-winning hospitality company that includes the nationally recognized Juliet. Together, they have earned tons of accolades including Eater’s Young Guns Award, Zagat’s Boston 30 Under 30, and a national Legacy Award from Les Dames d’Escoffier. Juliet + Company puts people first, always. Their staff can earn living wages due to Peregrine’s gratuity-free environment, plus receive access to career mentorship and ongoing opportunities.

Menu Highlights

For breakfast, Peregrine has a number of delicious, unique, and healthy options for Boston visitors to choose from. There’s the signature medialuna, as well as an orange cinnamon cake that’s sweet and refreshing. You can also get a bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich on an English muffin, smoked salmon on toast, and more. 

The lunch and dinner menus feature snacks, small plates, entrees, pasta, and more. The Sicilian pizza with pomodoro and Grana Padano is a standout, and so is the Parmigiano Reggiano with local honey. For the main course, try the Monkfish Fillet with sunchoke puree, Florentino, and watercress. The Peregrine Steak is another stellar option, and that comes with rosemary garlic potatoes, broccolini, and kombu butter. 

Peregrine’s drinks include craft beers on draft, ciders, signature hot cocktails and cold ones, as well as many wines, and a few non-alcoholic cocktails. The Mezcal Hot Chocolate is popular, as well as the Catalon GINTONIC, which comes with a grapefruit rosemary tonic. And the Manuela is a fantastic mocktail with grapefruit, lime, ginger, and Angostura bitters.

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