Seven Words to Know in Boston

The Boston accent is one of the most famous in the country. The city has a manner of speaking entirely its own. But while the tell-tale signs of the Boston accent (e.g., leaving off the “r” or replacing “o” with “ah”) are easy to spot, the meaning of certain words may be less clear, such as adding “wicked” whenever possible. Here are seven words to know in Boston and what they mean.

The T

The T is Boston’s public transportation system, like the subway in New York or the Tube in London. There are four color-coded lines (Blue, Green, Orange, and Red) that run beneath the city. Conveniently, every line except the Blue line can be used to reach Boston Common, the city’s main public park. So no matter where you are, it’s convenient to reach Beacon Hill.


In the 1960s, “West Side Story,” a film set in New York City, popularized the use of the word “cool” to mean something that’s fashionably attractive or impressive. Bostonians wanted their own way of convey that something was cool in their own terminology, and “wicked” was created as an alternative.

The Pats

The New England Patriots, or The Pats for short, are Boston’s professional American football team.

The Common

Established in 1634, the Boston Common — referred to by locals simply as The Common — is the oldest public park in America. Today, it’s the main park in downtown Boston, bordering the city’s beloved Beacon Hill neighborhood.


To the locals, South Boston is Southie, a primarily residential, Irish-American neighborhood. Like most cities, the neighborhood is changing — with new gastropubs and pizzerias opening alongside old-school diners and dive bars.

The Green Monster

The Green Monster isn’t a monster at all, but a 37-foot-high wall at Fenway Park, where the Boston Red Sox baseball team plays. The wall was initially built to ensure onlookers couldn’t catch a game for free from the rooftops across the street. Today, it houses the park’s scoreboard.

The Pru

Completed in 1964, The Prudential Tower is an International Style skyscraper in Boston, and the city’s second-tallest building. Inside you’ll find Top of the Hub, an upscale American restaurant with 360-views that soars 52 stories above Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.

You already knew the Boston accent. Now you know their lingo.

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